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If you do not possess a backup, i - Tunes will reload your device with the latest version from opening itunes account the i - Pod firmware. However, it doesn’t permanently alter your files. Click with a shared music library within the accounts listed inside the "Shared" pane. Select your desktop from your Browse for Folder window and then click the plus sign next for the i - Pod_Control folder. Since ringtones can only be no more than 40 seconds, you'll have to trim the amount of your music file so as to develop a ringtone. You can purchase music and movies directly from the i - Tunes store. How Do I Download My Purchased i - Tunes Songs to Windows Media.

Your i - Pod could fail to exhibit in i - Tunes for various reasons and this issue may be resolved by something as easy as rebooting your i - Pod. If you've an i - Phone but will no longer want to sync it with i - Tunes, you will need to do what is known.